Offer the Smarter Solution.

Deliver more intelligent fire protection with ANSUL® RED.

ANSUL® RED Technology is the solution for today’s fast-changing commercial kitchen needs. With easy customization, 16 independent hazard zones, multiple temperature ratings and scalability for growth, providing intelligent fire suppression for complex commercial kitchen environments just got a whole lot easier.

Features and Benefits

Smarter Protection

  • Password protection for Authorized ANSUL® Distributor access maintains system integrity
  • A 4,000+ event history log with real-time date stamps provides a comprehensive record
  • Hood cleaning mode allows you to disengage one hazard zone’s detection while keeping other hazard zones in operation, and a fail-safe timer automatically resets the system if not manually reengaged
  • Real-time monitoring of multiple zones provides 24/7 safety

Superior Versatility

  • Easy integration with existing ANSUL® fire protection systems with no change to the basic fire suppression system
  • Configuration tool makes system installation and setup clear while reducing downtime and cleanup by discharging ANSUL® fire suppression zones individually and only where needed (not the entire kitchen)
  • Option for multiple temperature ratings in a single hazard zone adapts to the needs of a wide variety of appliances
  • Expandable system accommodates growth with a single display unit, simplifying oversight of up to 8 controllers and allowing for the monitoring of up to 16 zones

Greater Value

  • When combined with ANSUL® R-102 and PIRANHA systems, ANSUL® RED Technology creates an entire UL300/ULC300 listed, NFPA 17A, NFPA 96 and EN16282-7 compliant system
  • System helps minimize the potential for grease buildup and simplifies maintenance, while service notifications and around-the-clock supervision minimizes maintenance downtime
  • Advanced features and targeted suppression simplify and reduce hazard disruption

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