Europe’s first ANSUL® RED Installation System Protects Veterans

Blind Veterans UK charity, an organization that supports people in the armed forces and visually impaired individuals, recognized the need to strengthen fire safety and the fire suppression system in the kitchen of their residential center at Brighton. A complex problem of multifaceted fire safety arose, to which ANSUL® Restaurant Electric Detection (RED) technology from Johnson Controls International (JCI) provided a very flexible and economic solution. 

ANSUL® RED – A reasonable solution for multi-zone fire protection

The kitchen of Brighton included three separate kitchen ventilation hoods, all connected by a common extract duct. This was originally designed as a ten-tank ANSUL® R-102 system. With the traditional mechanical installation, the system would not operate independently. In case of a fire in just one of these hoods, all eleven agent tanks would release at the same time. This turned out to be a major challenge, causing both an operational and financial strain to the Blind Veterans organization. 

To tap this roadblock, they leveraged ANSUL® RED—an electric, fully supervised and monitored solution designed to work with ANSUL® R-102. Monitoring 16 hazard zones, eight controllers could connect with one central display module allowing for a flexible and scalable suppression product. With this solution, if a fire broke out in one of the hoods, suppression agent is released specifically to that hazard area rather than all three, thereby reducing the cost for Blind Veterans by two thirds. 

Johnson Controls played a key role in the installation of the first ANSUL® RED in Europe. It helped with conducting a site survey and working on design and installation of modern technology. 


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